Denim handbags



There’s no denying it, regardless of the season, denim will always be a classic, and for the 2024 spring collection we launched denim handbags.


The classic Misu, Misu Mini, Masago and Nami Mini were all made in denim, and we also launched two new styles, called Sandhi and Hana. We are so excited to finally incorporate it in our collection, and with a history of utility and practicality, denim works the hardest during the seasons.


Cala Jade denim cross body handbag


The woven handbags like Hana and Misu will also have something special to offer due to the placement of the seam. Seam sewing not only binds the fabric securely, but also adds to the look of the bag, with visible stitching often contributing to its look. 


The process of joining denim fabric to create handbags requires skill, precision, and an understanding of the unique properties of denim. Whether through traditional seam sewing or innovative patchwork, the result is a stylish and sturdy accessory that embodies the timeless appeal of denim.


Cala Jade denim handbags