Travel Diary: Seeking India

Our trip to India – by far the most influential, eye-opening and magical travel experience we have ever had.



India is a land of diversity. So many different people, religions, colours, and believes. All blended together to form a magical land. While you are there it is hard to even imagine how you are still on the same planet. A culture shock heaven.  We were especially drawn to the people. The overwhelming hospitality, kindness and warmth really got deep under our skin. 




Our factory there specializes in leather weaving and braiding. We were lucky to get to spend several days at the factory, which gave us an insight into how incredibly skilled all the people working there are.
They make everything by hand – every braid, every knot, every stitch. All our MISU bags have been made by these amazing people. Next time you see or hold one of these bags, we hope you think about and appreciate this fact.





The sight of all the beautiful women sitting together, braiding, weaving and sewing. All covered in colourful sarees, sparkling golden jewellery and with fragrant jasmine flowers in their hair. That is something we will never forget. 




After coming back home to Norway, we want to wear sarees every day, eat nothing but banana flower curry and coconut chutney, watch Bollywood movies, and SMILE to everyone in sight. 



Until next time, India 💜