How to care for your leather handbags

Cala Jade has a deep passion for leather and quality materials. We focus immensely on the different types of materials and leathers for our collections. Materials are also a great part of where the inspiration for each collection lies.

The collections mainly consist of tumbled lamb and cowhide leather. 
We hope that our bags, will get better and better with age and the natural aging is giving it a unique and distinctive appearance. Good quality leather will endure wear and tear. 
We hope you enjoy your passionately chosen leather in your very own Cala Jade item.

How to take care of your Cala Jade products

    • We advice you to use Saphir impregnation spray on all leather products. How often depends on usage, but usually every 6-12 months. 

    • Clean with appropriate cleanser for the leather type as soon as it gets dirty. For suede and nubuck leather, use the spray and Gommadin block
    • If the leather gets wet, let it dry naturally away from artificial heat.

  • Use leather cream every 6-12 months on smooth leather products. 

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Love and treat me good and I will last you year´s to come